Top 10 Programming Blogs for Mastering Coding in 2023

Here are the top 10 programming blogs for mastering coding in 2023, improve your coding skills

However, coding is also a skill that requires constant learning and improvement. As technology changes and new languages, frameworks, and tools emerge, you need to keep up with the latest trends and best practices.

2.Khan Academy

  1. SitePoint
  2. Udemy
  3. SoloLearn
  4. David Walsh:
  5. CSS Tricks:
    HTML Dog
  6. Scott Hanselman
  7. Reddit Programming


1. FreeCodeCamp: One of the best free programming platforms for studying coding and web development is FreeCodeCamp, a non-profit organization started by Quincy Larson in 2014. In addition to the online courses mentioned above, you may utilize this platform to practice for developer job interviews as well as learn from and discuss programming projects with other community members.

2. Khan Academy

2. Khan Academy: If you’re just getting started with coding, you’ve probably heard of Khan Academy, one of the biggest and most popular online resources for learning coding and other subjects for free at the expert level. To make learning more accessible for you, it comes with a ton of practice problems and tutorial videos.

3. SitePoint

3. SitePoint: The amazing online web development community SitePoint offers training on coding and web programming languages. So, SitePoint is a perfect platform for you, whether you’re trying to improve your coding skills or learn SEO with the aid of professional classes. SitePoint is regarded as the forerunner of all upcoming blogs, where you can get a wealth of helpful materials taught by programming professionals to help you learn coding in an easy method.

4. Udemy

4. Udemy: The number one platform, Udemy, offers over 65,000 incredible online courses on topics like WordPress, Python, and graphic design. In order to improve your coding skills, you can basically discover almost everything related to coding and programming in the form of text- and video-based lessons. You can purchase online courses on the subjects you’re interested in through Udemy, a premium online course marketplace, and you’ll have lifetime access to those courses.

5. SoloLearn

5. SoloLearn: Over 22 million people across the world are utilizing SoloLearn’s platform to learn how to code. It is one of the fastest-growing online communities for learning how to code. The most prominent feature of this platform is how it mixes real-time help with the best, most excellent user-generated content. Also, you can use their online forum to network with other programmers and improve your coding abilities.

6. David Walsh:

6. David Walsh: David Walsh, a senior web developer and front-end engineer at Mozilla, runs this incredible programming and web development blog, which is also maintained by thousands of other programming lovers across the world. The best part of utilizing this blog to learn coding is that David shows you how to do it through case studies and real-world examples.

7. CSS Tricks:

7. CSS Tricks: Chris Coyier founded, wrote, and maintained CSS Tricks in 2007, which is another hugely well-liked programming and web development instruction site. One of the significant advantages of using this platform to study coding is that you can use their job board to look for programming and coding employment. Also, you’ll have access to their community forum, where you may talk to people and showcase your skills.


8. HTML Dog: One of the first blogs, HTML Dog, was started in 2003 by editor Patrick Griffiths, who has subsequently assisted hundreds of individuals. So, this platform is a terrific place to start if you’re learning and want to gain a thorough understanding of the three languages.

9. Scott Hanselman

9. Scott Hanselman: This incredible programming blog was started by Scott Hanselman, a programmer, lecturer, podcaster, and author. Open Source, C#, ASP.NET, Systems Architecture and Design, JSON, Web services, and other programming languages are among his areas of expertise.


10. Reddit Programming

10. Reddit Programming: Around 3 million users frequent the well-known subreddit Reddit Programming to find answers to all of their programming-related queries. It is an excellent community to join if you want to learn how to program for free and also about programming language philosophy, design, and syntax.

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