Google’s Bard Chatbot Gets Smarter with “Bard Extensions”: What You Need to Know

In the ever-evolving landscape of artificial intelligence, Google’s advanced AI chatbot, Bard, has once again leaped forward. With the introduction of “Bard Extensions,” this versatile chatbot has acquired new capabilities that promise to make your digital interactions more intuitive and efficient.

Bard Extensions

The latest addition to Bard’s repertoire is the introduction of “Bard Extensions.” This feature represents a significant milestone in the development of this AI chatbot. With Bard Extensions, Bard gains the ability to analyze a user’s Gmail, Drive, and Docs to provide you with the most relevant information

How Bard Extensions Work

Bard Extensions work seamlessly with your Google ecosystem. When you activate this feature, you can instruct Bard to sift through your Gmail, Drive, and Docs to uncover pertinent information. For instance, when planning a trip, Bard can help you summarize details related to your travel plans. It can also access real-time flight and hotel information through Google Flight and Hotel

Data Privacy: A Top Priority

Naturally, concerns about data privacy arise when an AI chatbot gains access to your personal information. Google’s Director of Product Management, Yury Pinsky, addressed these concerns in a reassuring blog post. Pinsky made it clear that users’ personal information, including content from Gmail, Docs, and Drive, will remain inaccessible to human reviewers. Moreover, Bard will not use this data for displaying advertisements or training its model.

Google emphasizes that users have complete control over their privacy settings and can deactivate Bard Extensions at any time.

Improvements to “Google It”

In addition to Bard Extensions, Google has made enhancements to Bard’s existing “Google it” functionality. This feature now plays a crucial role in corroborating Bard’s responses with Google search results, enhancing the accuracy of information provided by the chatbot

Fact-Checking Made Easy

To make fact-checking more accessible, Google has introduced a user-friendly “G” icon that allows users to verify Bard’s responses on the web. By clicking on highlighted phrases, users can delve deeper into the topic and access additional information. This feature is currently available in English and promotes transparency and reliability.

Sharing and Continuing Conversations

The latest update to Bard’s “Google it” feature also simplifies sharing and continuing conversations. Users can share their Bard chats through a public link, enabling others to join the discussion by posing additional questions to the chatbot. This collaborative aspect adds a new dimension to interactions with Bard.

A Versatile AI Companion

These updates reflect Google’s commitment to enhancing Bard’s capabilities continually. With support for over 40 languages, including Hindi, and improvements in response quality, Bard has become more versatile than ever. Users can even customize Bard’s tone and style to suit their preferences, making it a truly personalized AI companion.

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