CUET Exam 2024- Detailed Syllabus, Exam Pattern, Preparation Strategy

CUET Exam 2024- Detailed Syllabus, Exam Pattern, Preparation Strategy

The National Testing Agency (NTA) is an independent organization established by the Government of India to conduct transparent and standardized tests for admissions to higher education institutions. They are responsible for organizing the Central University Entrance Test (CUET) for Under Graduate (UG) amd Post Graduate (PG) programs in 2024.

(CUET Exam 2024), for admission to different programs of the participating Central Universities, will provide a single window opportunity to the students to seek admission in these participating Universities / Institute(s) across the country.

About Common University Entrance Test (CUET – 2024)

The Common University Entrance Test (CUET – 2024) is being introduced for admission into all UG Programs in all Central Universities for academic session 2023-24 under the Ministry of Education, (MoE). The Common University Entrance Test (CUET) will provide a common platform and equal opportunities to candidates across the country, especially those from rural and other remote areas and help establish better connect with the Universities. A single examination will enable the Candidates to cover a wide outreach and be part of the admissions process to various Central Universities.

CUET Exam 2024 & Application Date

The Common University Entrance Test (CUET) 2024 Exam & Application Date will be announced soon by this week. CUET is an All-India entrance test organized by National Testing Agency (NTA) under Ministry of Education (MoE).

The CUET exam is likely to be held between 3rd week of April to 1st week of May 2024. However, the exact dates will be released soon separately.

According to recent reports, the Government is planning to have a fixed calendar for various UG entrance exams like CUET, JEE Main, NEET, etc. The University Grants Commission, a committee is working on preparing the fixed exam calendar so as to avoid any last -minute confusion among the students.

The NTA will issue CUET 2024 exam date notification online on the website. The officials stated that the probable date of registration will be announced in the calendar. Also, this week, the Education Ministry is likely to make an announcement to streamline the exam schedule for Engineering, medical & UG colleges.

According to the last year registrations, CUET has become second largest national level entrance exam by pushing JEE Main to third. NEET UG still remains the largest entrance exam of the country with nearly 17-18 Lakh registrations. Around 90 universities participated in CUET UG, it is expected to increase in number of universities for upcoming years.

The exam for CUET will be conducted for UG & PG courses separately. CUET provides a common platform & an equal opportunity to students across country & also from rural & remote areas.

The application form will be also released separately for both UG/ PG level courses. The form will be released via online mode. Here we are providing step by step procedure to fill CUET 2023 application form:

CUET Exam 2024 Registration Process

  • Go to the official website.
    • Click on, “New Registration” option.
      • Fill name, parent’s name, D.O.B & other required details.
    • Enter valid phone number & email ID.
    • Enter the OTP given and then login using application number & password.
    • Provide University name & programme of your choice.
  • Select test papers & subject for first/ second slot of the examination.
    • Also select exam centres as per your preferences.
  • Upload passport size photograph & signature.
  • Cross-check & verify all the given details in the form.
  • After verification, click on “Submit” option.
  • Now one must take print out of their confirmation page for future use.

NDA Exam Pattern 2023

CUET Exam 2024 Application Process

The CUET UG 2024 Application form will be released online by NTA on the official website of the exam. Candidates will have to fill CUET application form in online mode on the official website of the exam. The first step is to register by entering the basic details such as name, address and contact details. This will generate login credentials. After logging in with the registration credentials, candidates will have to fill up the CUET 2024 application form with their personal and academic details, Programme and exam city preference and upload documents. After the form is filled, candidates will have to pay the CUET application fee online via debit/credit card, Net Banking, Paytm and UPI. The below table brings the CUET UG 2024 application fee based on last year’s amount.

CategoryCUET Application Fees(In INR)/-
Outside INDIA3000/-

CUET Exam 2024 UG Syllabus for General Test

दोस्तों यहाँ पर हमने CUET UG Syllabus for General Test के लिए विस्तार से समझाया है जिसे आप यहाँ से पढ़ कर ज्यादा जानकारी प्राप्त कर सकते है।  

  • सामान्य ज्ञान
  • सामयिकी
  • सामान्य मानसिक क्षमता
  • संख्यात्मक क्षमता
  • क्वांटिटेटिव रीजनिंग (ग्रेड 8 तक पढ़ाए जाने वाले अंकगणित/बीजगणित ज्यामिति/क्षेत्रफल/स्टेट की बुनियादी गणितीय अवधारणाओं का सरल अनुप्रयोग)
  • तार्किक और विश्लेषणात्मक तर्क

CUET General Test Syllabus 2024Detailed Syllabus
SectionDetailed Syllabus
General Knowledge(a) Important Days
(b) Indian History
(c) Books and Authors
(D) Indian National Movement
(e) Awards and Honors
(f) General Polity
(g) Countries & Capitals
(h) Science & Technology
(i) Sports
(j) Science – Inventions & Discoveries etc.
Current AffairsNational & International Current Affairs
General Mental Ability & Logical And Analytical Reasoning(A) Letter and Symbol Series
(B) Verbal Reasoning
(C) Non-verbal series
(D) Analogies
(E) Coding and Decoding
(F) Judgment and Reasoning
(G) Statement and Conclusion
(H) Statement and Argument
(I) Analytical Reasoning
(J) Blood relations
(K) Direction Test
(L) Mirror and Water Images
Numerical Ability (Till Grade B)(A) Time and Work
(B) Partnership
(C) Profit and Loss
(D) Boats and Streams
(E) Problems on Trains
(F) Simplification and Approximation
(G) HCF and LCM
(H) Percentages
(I) Ratio and Proportion
(J) Geometry
(K) Mensuration 2D and 3D
(L) Statistics
(M) Application of Mathematics
(N) Probability
(O) Number System
(P) Algebra
Quantitative Reasoning(a) Arithmetic Number Series
(b) Arithmetical Reasoning
(c) Data Interpretation
(d) Data Sufficiency
(e) Problem Solving
(f) Problems on Age
(g) Number Series

How to Fill CUET UG Registration Form (University Wise)

Candidates who have also given CUET UG exam and have score card of said exam can register in universities.

The university / institute in which the candidate has to register for undergraduate course admission. The registration link will be found next to his name.

To register, the candidate will first have to login, for which the candidate will need the application number of CUET Exam 2024 and the roll number of the examination.

After logging in, you will have to select the course in the respective university and then you will have to pay the registration / counseling fee.

After completing the process, the candidate should take a print out of it and wait for the merit/result.

For More Details Must Read the Notification.

CUET UG Syllabus 2024  

यहां पर हमने CUET UG Syllabus 2024 के बारे में एक-एक सब्जेक्ट करके विस्तार से समझाया है जिसे आप यहाँ से पढ़ कर ज्यादा जानकारी प्राप्त कर सकते है।  

1. Chemistry ( रसायन शास्त्र )

  • परमाण्विक संरचना
  • रासायनिक संबंध
  • रेडॉक्स प्रतिक्रियाएं
  • रासायनिक संतुलन और काइनेटिक्स
  • अम्ल-क्षार अवधारणा
  • इलेक्ट्रोकैमिस्ट्री
  • कटैलिसीस
  • कोलाइड्स,
  • समाधान के सहसंयोजक गुण
  • आवर्त सारणी
  • तैयारी और गुण
  • ऊष्मारसायन
  • सामान्य कार्बनिक रसायन
  • प्रतिक्रिया मध्यवर्ती
  • संवयविता
  • पॉलिमर
  • कार्बोहाइड्रेट
  • तैयारी और गुण
  • ठोस अवस्था
  • पेट्रोलियम

2. Physics ( भौतिक विज्ञान )

  • माप
  • एक आयाम में गति
  • गति के नियम
  • दो आयामों में गति
  • कार्य, शक्ति और ऊर्जा
  • रैखिक गति और टकराव
  • एक निश्चित धुरी के बारे में एक कठोर शरीर का घूर्णन
  • आकर्षण-शक्ति
  • दोलन गति
  • ठोस और तरल पदार्थ के यांत्रिकी
  • ऊष्मा और ऊष्मप्रवैगिकी
  • हिलाना
  • इलेक्ट्रोस्टाटिक्स
  • चालू बिजली
  • करंट का चुंबकीय प्रभाव
  • मामला
  • इलेक्ट्रोमैग्नेटिक इंडक्शन
  • रे ऑप्टिक्स और ऑप्टिकल उपकरण
  • वेव ऑप्टिक्स
  • आधुनिक भौतिकी

3. Mathematics ( गणित ) 

  • बीजगणित (Algebra)
  • संभावना (Probability)
  • त्रिकोणमिति (Trigonometry)
  • निर्देशांक ज्यामिति (Coordinate Geometry)
  • गणना (Calculation)
  • वैक्टर (Vector Algebra)
  • गतिशीलता और स्टैटिक्स (Statistics)

4. Zoology ( प्राणि विज्ञान ) 

  • जीवन की उत्पत्ति
  • जैविक विकास
  • जैविक विकास का तंत्र
  • मानव आनुवंशिकी और यूजीनिक्स
  • एप्लाइड बायोलॉजी
  • स्तनधारी शरीर रचना विज्ञान (जैसे खरगोश)
  • पशु शरीर क्रिया विज्ञान
  • पेरिप्लानेटा और ब्लाटा के बीच तुलना

5. Botany ( वनस्पति विज्ञान ) 

  • पौधा कोशाणु
  • पुरस
  • परिस्थितिकी
  • पारिस्थितिकी तंत्र
  • आनुवंशिकी
  • एंजियोस्पर्म पौधों में बीज
  • फल
  • कोशिका विभेदन संयंत्र ऊतक
  • जड़, तना और पत्ती का एनाटॉमी
  • महत्वपूर्ण संघ
  • धरती
  • प्रकाश संश्लेषण

CUET PG Exam Pattern 2024

दोस्तों यहाँ पर हमने CUET PG Exam Pattern 2024 के बारे में विस्तार से महत्वपूर्ण बिंदुओं में बताया है जिसे आप यहा से पढ़ कर ज्यादा जानकारी प्राप्त कर सकते है।  

  • CUET PG 2024 के प्रश्न पत्र में 100 बहुविकल्पीय प्रश्न होते हैं।
  • CUET PG 2024 प्रश्न पत्र को हल करने के लिए उम्मीदवारों को 2 घंटे (120 मिनट) का समय मिलेगा।
  • उम्मीदवारों को प्रत्येक सही उत्तर के लिए 4 अंक दिए जाएंगे और गलत उत्तर के लिए 1 अंक काटा जाएगा।
  • अनुत्तरित/रिक्त प्रश्नों के लिए कोई अंक नहीं दिया जाएगा या कटौती नहीं की जाएगी।
  • कोड-वार CUET PG 2024 परीक्षा पैटर्न पर नीचे चर्चा की गई है।

Slot 19 AM to 12:15 PM8 AM to 8:30 AM
Slot 23 PM to 6:45 PM1:20 PM to 2:30 PM

CUET Exam 2024 Preparation Tips

CUET is an all-India entrance exam that is highly competitive and candidates appearing for the exam need to have a strategy and aim in order to score well and qualify. Aspirants can go through the following prep strategy methods while preparing for CUET. First and foremost, candidates should go through the exam pattern and structure of the test. After that, students should get hold of some of the best books for CUET preparation. After gaining conceptual clarity on each section and subject, students should segregate their areas of strengths and weaknesses they should work towards improving their weaknesses by finding out the root cause and taking help from their mentors or students. After completing the syllabus, they should take regular mock tests and analyse their performance. Solving previous years’ question papers will also expose them to the topics and question types to expect in the actual exam. Last but not the least, staying confident is the key to success in CUET.

CUET Exam 2024 Mock Test

The mock test is an important feature of preparing for CUET 2024. NTA will release the official CUET UG 2024 mock test in an online mode. The practice questions will also be made available for all subjects and languages. The online CUET 2024 mock test on its official website wherein students can get an understanding of the navigation system. By taking the official CUET mock test 2024, aspirants will be able to practice the usage of a virtual keyboard and calculator, moving from question to question and among sections. To improve their preparation, students should take the mock tests released by coaching institutes or experts which will give them questions from actual sections of the expected difficulty level. Along with taking the mock test, it is equally important to analyze it. After a thorough analysis, it is important to implement the pointers of analysis within one’s preparation to succeed in the exam.

CUET Exam 2024 Admit Card

The CUET Exam 2024 admit card will be released separately for each phase of the exam. Based on last year’s trend, the admit card or hall ticket of CUET Exam 2024 will be released a week before the day of the exam. CUET UG admit card is a mandatory document that has to be carried to the exam centre. The CUET admit card 2023 has to be downloaded by logging in with the registration credentials. The direct link to download the CUET hall ticket or admit card will be provided on this page as and when it is announced.

CUET Exam 2024 Analysis and Student Reactions

The CUET Exam 2024 analysis and student reactions will be provided once the exam commences, after each slot or phase. It is expected that the difficulty level and the pattern will be similar to that of last year. As per the last year’s CUET UG analysis, the difficulty level of the test was easy to moderate with a few tough sections. The difficulty level of the exam also varied according to the domain subjects. The level of questions was similar and at times easier than that of the Board exams. Those who appeared for the Humanities subject found the questions to be lengthy and time-consuming. On the other hand, some candidates, who had appeared for Mathematics shared that it was difficult to manage time. The Language Test and General Test sections were of easy to moderate levels. Students are advised to check the last year’s CUET UG student reactions below.

CUET UG 2023 Important Dates (Tentative)

NTA has not yet announced the CUET Exam 2024 dates yet. It is expected that the complete schedule will be announced by the first week of January. The table below brings the CUET UG 2024 tentative dates.

Release of CUET 2024 Notification & Application formFirst week of January 2024
Last Date to Apply online for CUET 2024First week of February 2024
CUET 2024 Application Correction WindowSecond week of February to Third week of February 2024
Advance Intimation of Exam CityThird week of April 2024
Issue of CUET 2024 Admit CardFourth week of April 2024
CUET 2024 Entrance Exam DateFirst week of may 2024 TO First week of June 2024
CUET Answer Key Release 2024First week of July 2024
Last Date to Submit Answer Key ChallengeSecond week of July 2024
CUET 2024 ResultsFourth week of July 2024

CUET Exam 2024 Question Paper

The CUET UG question papers carry 100 multiple-choice questions (MCQs). Since CUET is conducted in a computer-based mode, candidates will not be given the CUET question papers on the day of the exam. However, NTA will release the question papers online on its official website along with the answer keys. Candidates will also be able to download their response sheets. Downloading previous year’s CUET UG question paper and solving those under a proctored manner will help students prepare for the exam.

CUET Exam 2024 Answer Keys

NTA will release the provisional CUET Exam 2024 answer keys within a month of conducting the exam. Answer keys refer to the correct answer option or choices. With the help of the answer keys, candidates can calculate their estimated scores prior to the declaration of the result. They will also be given option to submit challenges or objections online by paying a fee of INR 200 per question. The expert panel will further assess each of the objections and prepare the final CUET UG 2024 answer keys, which will be released along with the result.

CUET Exam 2024 Result

The CUET UG 2023 result is expected to be declared after a month of conducting the exam in the form of scorecards. Test-takers will have to log on to the official website with their credentials and download the CUET UG result 2023 cum scorecard. The CUET result carries information such as candidates’ personal details, section-wise and overall scores and percentiles and cutoffs.

CUET Exam 2024 Cutoff

The CUET 2024 cutoff will be released separately by participating institutes. The cutoff refers to the minimum marks one has to secure in order to qualify for the exam. While NTA will release the qualifying cutoff, participating institutes will release separate cutoffs for each programme offered by them. The CUET cutoff marks were decided based on the factors such as the difficulty level of the exam, the number of test-takers, and seats, among others.

CUET Exam 2024 Counselling

The CUET Exam 2024 counselling will be conducted by the participating institutes separately. Each institute will release its merit list based on qualifying candidates after the declaration of the result. Interested candidates will have to register and then participate in the counselling process, which is likely to be held online. In general, there are three rounds of counselling and the number of rounds may vary depending on the seat vacancy. After the seat allotment result is declared, candidates will have to accept the admission offer by reporting to the institutes and getting their documents verified. There are a few programmes, where instead of counselling, interview rounds will be conducted. NTA will intimate the admission process for those programmes separately in the information brochure of CUET Exam 2024.

Colleges Accepting CUET Exam 2024 Scores

The CUET Exam 2024 participating universities are classified into different categories. The following table brings the types of universities accepting CUET Exam 2024 scores along with the number of universities in each category.

TYPE Of CUET UG 2024 Participating UniversitiesNumber Of Universities
Central University43
State University13
Deemed University12
Private University21

Note: The number of universities in each category is that of last year. The number will be updated as and when the exam is announced

FAQs Regarding CUET Exam 2024

Q. When will the CUET Exam 2024 notification release?

A. The CUET notification is expected to be released by NTA in the first week of January 2024.

Q: When can I apply for the CUET Exam 2024?

A: CUET 2023 application forms are expected to be released in the first week of January and the application window is expected to last for a month

Q: Who conducts the CUET Exam 2024

A: The CUET UG exam is conducted by NTA for admission to Central and other universities of India.

Q: When is the CUET Exam 2024 scheduled?

A: CUET UG exam will be conducted over a window of 20 days tentatively in May. The exact dates of the exam will be announced along with the notification.

Q: In which courses can I secure admission through CUET 2023?

A: Through CUET, one can secure admission in various UG courses offered by 43 Central Universities, 13 State Universities, 12 Deemed Universities and 18 Private Universities of India.

Q: Is the CUET Exam 2024 conducted in online mode?

A: Last year onwards, CUET is conducted in computer-based mode. Till 2020, the exam was conducted in paper-pencil based (PBT) mode.

Q: How many times is CUET conducted in a year?

A: The CUET exam is conducted once a year, but in multiple phases over a window of 20 days.

Q: When will CUET Exam 2024 admit card be released?

A: CUET UG 2024 admit card will be released around a week before the exam. The admit card of CUET will be released separately for each phase of the exam.

Q. How to prepare for CUET Exam 2024?

A. Candidates are advised to strongly go through the syllabus and should understand the exam pattern and marking scheme carefully. Candidates should also solve various sample papers, mock tests and previous years’ question papers.

Q. What type of questions are asked in the CUET Exam 2024?

A. CUET questions are objective and multiple-choice questions (MCQs) type.

Q. Is there a negative marking in CUET Exam 2024?

A. Yes. There is a negative marking in the CUET Exam 2024. For each wrong answer, one mark is deducted.

Q: When will the CUET UG 2024 answer key release?

A: The CUET UG 2024 provisional answer key is likely to be released in the first week of July 2024.

Q: When will the CUET UG 2024 result be declared?

A: The CUET UG 2024 result is expected to be declared in the fourth week of July.

Q: When will the CUET UG 2024 counselling process commence?

A: It is expected that the CUET UG 2024 counselling process will be announced by the participating universities in the first week of August. The process will be conducted separately by the universities and it will not be a centralised counselling system.

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