YouTube Shorts Registers 120% YoY Growth, Company Claims To Be Top Viewing Choice For Gen Z

In the wake of the burgeoning digital video services, online users in India are crafting personalised video hubs, comprising an average of five content platforms.

Among these platforms, YouTube stands out as the preferred choice for video consumption, the Google-owned streamer claimed in a press release. As the number of Internet-enabled households now equals TV households, viewers are integrating YouTube into their living spaces by accessing it through Connected TVs. Over the past five years, millions of viewers have migrated to Connected TVs, establishing it as the fastest-growing screen for YouTube.

With content creators utilising Shorts as a creative tool, YouTube Shorts has witnessed an impressive 120 per cent year-on-year growth in average daily views. Offering further insights into content curation, it has been noted that 33 per cent of Connected TV consumers in urban India have entirely shifted away from linear TV, instead dedicating an average of 2.5 hours per day to YouTube watch time.

Satya Raghavan, Director, Marketing Partners, Google India, expressed enthusiasm about YouTube’s position in this evolving digital landscape. He highlighted YouTube’s enduring appeal, being the platform of choice for four of five online individuals. This achievement, he emphasised, is attributed to India’s vibrant creator economy and Google’s commitment to providing marketers with a tailored approach for reaching their consumers effectively.

YouTube Shorts, with an average of 70 billion daily views globally, has gained immense popularity among Indian viewers, particularly those aged 18 to 44. Furthermore, 88 per cent of online 18-44-year-olds have been observed engaging with short-form video content on TV over the past year. The viewing patterns indicate that Indian audiences diversify their viewing time across various video formats, spending no more than 21 per cent of their time on a single format.

For Gen Z, YouTube is the primary platform for extended viewing sessions, surpassing social media platforms, the company claimed. Gen Z is drawn to YouTube due to its ease of content selection, a wide array of content types, and rich repository of music videos. Moreover, Gen Z relies on YouTube for ads relevant to their preferences, with 88 per cent agreeing that it introduces them to new brands or products.

In tandem with the soaring viewership, content uploads on YouTube have seen a remarkable 40 per cent growth. Channels in India

have collectively uploaded over 40 per cent more content in June 2023 compared to the same period in 2022. Notable trends include a significant increase in watch times for “grwm” or “get ready with me” videos and “episode highlights” or “season recap” titles. As creators increasingly leverage generative AI tools and ideas, over 1.7 billion views globally have been recorded for videos related to or using generative AI tools.

To enhance ad creativity, YouTube has unveiled a suite of AI-powered tools within its Ads Creative Studio. These tools empower marketers to create multiple versions of display or video ads tailored for different audiences, locations, languages, or contexts. This includes the AI-powered Flip Video, allowing the creation of vertical assets even when unplanned, and the Trim tool that leverages machine learning to craft 6-second bumper ads, driving efficiency in campaigns.

In response to shifts in media consumption, particularly the rise of Connected TV viewership, YouTube is introducing advertising solutions to engage this growing audience. For marketers in India, these solutions include the introduction of 30-second YouTube Select Non-Skips exclusively for Connected TV and YouTube Connected TV Pause Experience, aimed at seizing users’ attention during breaks in their streaming sessions, providing an opportunity to learn more about brands and enhancing brand saliency.

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