Tech Briefing today: iPhone 15 Pro Max launch woes, Sundar Pichai on Google’s 25th anniv, and more

Tech Briefing: Today, Google dominated the headlines as the company CEO Sundar Pichai wrote a long message mapping out the search engine giant’s journey so far, the impact of its technology, and the path for its future, ahead of Google’s 25th anniversary.

Pichai highlighted that AI will be a primary focus for the company. In other news, a new leak has disappointed Apple fans, as just six days before the launch, it is being said that the iPhone 15 Pro Max might be delayed by as much as four weeks. This and more in today’s Tech briefing. Let us take a look.

Google CEO Sundar Pichai pens a message

Google CEO Sundar Pichai pens a message

Ahead of Google’s completion of 25 years, which is generally celebrated on September 27 with a Google Doodle, CEO Sundar Pichai has shared a 2400-word memo where he looked back at the journey of the company, its role in transforming technology, and the path towards the future. Pichai posted his message, titled ?Questions, shrugs and what comes next: A quarter century of change?, to celebrate a quarter of a century of the existence of Google. It was a heartfelt message that also included the mention of his father and son. Dig deeper.

iPhone 15 Pro Max can suffer a delay

Just six days before the Apple event, a new leak has revealed that the iPhone 15 Pro Max can suffer a delay of 4 weeks before it is launched. This new information comes from a tipster named Revegnus, who mentioned in a

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on X, ?The yield issues with Sony, the supplier of image sensors for the iPhone 15 Pro Max, are severe. As a result, the release date of the iPhone 15 Pro Max could be delayed by up to approximately 4 weeks?. The tipster also shared a TrendForce report to highlight that Sony is indeed facing a yield issue with the new sensors. Dig deeper.

Google unveils new Android logo

Google announced the new logo and typeface in its blog post where it said, ?We’re sharing an update to our visual identity that better represents our Android community ? and it’s also a lot of fun, too?. The new bugdroid logo now gets a 3D avatar and elements that have been inspired by its Material design. The Android typeface has also changed and now a capital A is being used for the logo instead of all small letters. The stylization has also been done to make the Android logo appear similar to the Google logo.

The new logo and branding will roll out later this year. It is expected that it will be seen with the Android 14 update. Dig deeper.

Delhi Police issues advisory ahead of G20 summit, suggests app to monitor traffic

Delhi Police has shared the Delhi traffic advisory on Virtual Helpdesk of Delhi Traffic Police for the G20 summit which will commence on September 9 and 10. Traffic will be impacted during this time, as the restrictions will come into force starting from September 8. Delhi Police have asked the public to use Mappls MapmyIndia app to ensure they do not go into restricted areas and get caught in a traffic jam.

Mappls shared a post on their X handle saying, ?During the G20 Summit in Delhi, all can get accurate maps & navigation for smooth guidance based on official & updated Delhi Police traffic advisories by using the Mappls MapmyIndia app?. Dig deeper.

China bans iPhone for Central government agencies

Chinese government agencies have reportedly prohibited employees from using Apple iPhones and other foreign-made devices while on duty, according to sources cited by the Wall Street Journal. Some central government regulators have conveyed these instructions via chat groups and meetings, although the extent of these directives remains unclear. Despite Apple’s popularity in China, especially its iPhone sales, growing tensions between the US and China in the technology sector have prompted Beijing to discourage foreign devices, emphasizing domestic alternatives. This move aligns with China’s broader strategy to reduce dependence on American technology and secure its own tech sovereignty. Dig deeper.

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