List of National parks and wildlife sanctuaries in India

List of National parks and wildlife sanctuaries in India

Welcome to our guide on List of National parks and wildlife sanctuaries in India, India’s National Parks and Wildlife Sanctuaries! Explore the diverse landscapes of the Himalayas to the Andaman Islands, rich in flora and fauna. Discover conservation efforts, iconic species, and unforgettable experiences. Whether you’re a wildlife enthusiast or curious explorer, there’s something for everyone in India’s protected areas. Join us on a journey through these ecologically significant treasures!

List of National parks and wildlife sanctuaries in India wildlife sanctuaries in India, where nature thrives in its purest form, untouched by the chaos of urban life. Nestled amidst diverse landscapes, from dense forests to vast grasslands, these sanctuaries are havens for a myriad of species, both rare and common. India’s rich biodiversity is showcased vividly in these protected areas, offering visitors a glimpse into the mesmerizing world of wild creatures and their natural habitats. Join us as we embark on a journey to explore the wonders of India’s wildlife sanctuaries, where every moment is a discovery and every encounter with nature leaves an indelible mark on the soul.

List of National parks and wildlife sanctuaries in India
List of National parks and wildlife sanctuaries in India

India is a country with rich biodiversity and a variety of ecosystems. It has 104 national parks and 551 wildlife sanctuaries, covering 5.06% of its geographical area. These protected areas are home to many endangered and endemic species of flora and fauna, such as the royal Bengal tiger, the Asiatic lion, the one-horned rhinoceros, the snow leopard, the red panda, the Malabar giant squirrel, the great Indian hornbill, and many more.

National Parks in India- State-wise List

State/Union TerritoryTotal  ParksNational Parks NameEstablishment Year
Andaman & Nicobar Islands9Campbell Bay National Park1992
Galathea Bay National Park1992
Mahatama Gandhi Marine (Wandoor) National Park1982
Middle Button Island National Park1987
Mount Harriett National Park1987
North Button Island National Park1987
Rani Jhansi Marine National Park1996
Saddle Peak National Park1987
South Button Island National Park1987
Andhra Pradesh3Papikonda National Park2008
Rajiv Gandhi (Rameswaram) National Park2005
Sri Venkateswara National Park1989
Arunachal Pradesh2Mouling National Park1986
Namdapha National Park1983
Assam5Dibru-Saikhowa National Park1999
Kaziranga National Park1974
Manas National Park1990
Nameri National Park1998
Rajiv Gandhi Orang National Park1999
Bihar1Valmiki National Park1989
Chhattisgarh3Guru Ghasidas (Sanjay) National Park1981
Indravati (Kutru) National Park1982
Kanger Valley National Park1982
Goa1Mollem National Park1992
Gujarat4Vansda National Park1979
Blackbuck (Velavadar) National Park1976
Gir National Park1975
Marine (Gulf of Kachchh) National Park1982
Haryana2Kalesar National Park

SultaNational Parkur National Park

Himachal Pradesh5Great Himalayan National Park1984
Inderkilla National Park2010
Khirganga National Park2010
Pin Valley National Park1987
Simbalbara National Park2010
Jammu and Kashmir3City Forest (Salim Ali) National Park1992
Dachigam National Park1981
Kishtwar National Park1981
Jharkhand1Betla National Park1986
Karnataka5Anshi National Park1987
Bandipur National Park1974
Bannerghatta National Park1974
Kudremukh National Park1987
Nagarahole (Rajiv Gandhi) National Park1988
Kerala6Anamudi Shola National Park2003
Eravikulam National Park1978
Mathikettan Shola National Park2003
Pambadum Shola National Park2003
Periyar National Park1982
Silent Valley National Park1984
Madhya Pradesh9Bandhavgarh National Park1968
Fossil National Park1983
Indira Priyadarshini Pench National Park1975
Kanha National Park1955
Madhav National Park1959
Panna National Park1981
Sanjay National Park1981
Satpura National Park1981
Van Vihar National Park1979
Maharashtra6Chandoli National Park2004
Gugamal National Park1975
Nawegaon National Park1975
Pench (Jawaharlal Nehru) National Park1975
Sanjay Gandhi (Borivali) National Park1983
Tadoba National Park1955
Manipur1Keibul-Lamjao National Park1977
Meghalaya2Balphakram National Park1985
Nokrek Ridge National Park1986
Mizoram2Murlen National Park

Phawngpui Blue Mountain National Park

Nagaland1Intanki National Park1993
Odisha2Bhitarkanika National Park

Simlipal National Park

Rajasthan5Mukundra Hills National Park2006
Desert National Park1992
Keoladeo Ghana National Park1981
Ranthambhore National Park1980
Sariska National Park1992
Sikkim1Khangchendzonga National Park1977
Tamil Nadu5Guindy National Park1976
Gulf of Mannar Marine National Park1980
Indira Gandhi (Annamalai) National Park1989
Mudumalai National Park1990
Mukurthi National Park1990
Ladakh1Hemis National Park1981
Telangana3Kasu Brahmananda Reddy National Park1994
Mahaveer Harina Vanasthali National Park1994
Mrugavani National Park1994
Tripura2Clouded Leopard National Park

Bison (Rajbari) National Park

Uttar Pradesh1Dudhwa National Park1977
Uttarakhand6Corbett National Park1936
Gangotri National Park1989
Govind National Park1990
Nanda Devi National Park1982
Rajaji National Park1983
Valley of Flowers National Park1982
West Bengal6Buxa National Park1992
Gorumara National Park1992
Jaldapara National Park2014
Neora Valley National Park1986
Sunderban National Park1984
Singalila National Park1986
List of National parks and wildlife sanctuaries in India



Wildlife Sanctuary in India

India’s wildlife sanctuaries conserve endangered species and promote biodiversity. From Ranthambore’s tigers to Kaziranga’s rhinoceroses, they offer unforgettable experiences. These hubs for sustainable tourism preserve India’s natural heritage. With rich ecosystems, they attract global visitors for wildlife encounters and conservation education.

State/Union TerritoryTotal No.Wildlife Sanctuary NameEstablishment Year
Andaman & Nicobar96Arial Island WLS
Bamboo Island WLS
 Barren Island
Battimalv Island
Belle Island WLS
Benett Island WLS
Bingham Island WLS
Blister Island WLS
Bluff Island WLS
Bondoville Island
Brush Island WLS
Buchanan Island
Chanel Island WLS
Cinque Islands WLS
Clyde Island WLS
Cone Island WLS
Curlew (B.P.) Island
Curlew Island WLS
Cuthbert Bay WLS
Defence Island WLS
Dot Island WLS
Dottrell Island WLS
Duncan Island WLS
East Island WLS
East of Inglis Island
Egg Island WLS
Entrance Island WLS
Flat Island Wildlife Sanctuary
Gander Island WLS
Girjan Island WLS
Galathea Bay WLS
Goose Island WLS
Hump Island WLS
Interview Island
James Island WLS
Jungle Island WLS
Kwangtung Island
Kyd Island WLS
Landfall Island WLS
Latouche Island
Lohabarrack (Saltwater Crocodile) WLS
Mangrove Island
Mask Island WLS
Mayo Island WLS
Megapode Island WLS
Montogemery Island WLS
Narcoma Island
North Brother Island
North Island WLS
North Reef Island
Oliver Island WLS
Orchid Island WLS
Ox Island WLS
Oyster Island-I WLS
Oyster Island-II WLS
Paget Island WLS
Parkinson Island
Passage Island WLS
Patric Island WLS
Peacock Island WLS
Pitman Island WLS
Point Island WLS
Potanma Islands
Ranger Island WLS
Reef Island WLS
Roper Island WLS
Ross Island WLS
Rowe Island WLS
Sandy Island WLS
Sea Serpent Island
Shark Island WLS
Shearme Island WLS
Sir Hugh Rose Island
Sisters Island WLS
Snake Island-I WLS
Snake Island-II WLS
South Brother Island
South Reef Island
South Sentinel Island WLS
Spike Island-I WLS
Spike Island-II WLS
Stoat Island WLS
Surat Island WLS
Swamp Island WLS
Table (Delgarno) Island WLS
Table (Excelsior) Island WLS
Talabaicha Island
Temple Island WLS
Tillongchang Island
Tree Island WLS
Trilby Island WLS
Tuft Island WLS
Turtle Islands WLS
West Island WLS
Wharf Island WLS
White Cliff Island
Andhra Pradesh13Coringa Wildlife Sanctuary1978
Gundla Brahmeswaram Wildlife Sanctuary1990
Kambalakonda Wildlife Sanctuary2002
Koundinya Wildlife Sanctuary1990
Kolleru  Wildlife Sanctuary1953
Krishna Wildlife Sanctuary1989
Nagarjuna Sagar – Srisailam Wildlife Sanctuary1978
Nellapattu Wildlife Sanctuary1976
Pulicat Lake Wildlife Sanctuary1976
Rollapadu Wildlife Sanctuary1988
Sri Lankamalleswara Wildlife Sanctuary1988
Sri Penusila Narasimha Wildlife Sanctuary1997
Sri Venkateswara Wildlife Sanctuary1985
Arunachal Pradesh11D’Ering Memorial (Lali) Wildlife Sanctuary1978
Dibang Wildlife Sanctuary1991
Eagle Nest Wildlife Sanctuary1989
Itanagar Wildlife Sanctuary1978
Kamlang Wildlife Sanctuary1989
Kane Wildlife Sanctuary1991
Mahao Wildlife Sanctuary1980
Pakke (Pakhui) Wildlife Sanctuary1977
Sessa Orchid Wildlife Sanctuary1989
Tale Wildlife Sanctuary1995
Yordi Rabe Supse Wildlife Sanctuary1996
Assam18Amchang Wildlife Sanctuary2004
Barail Wildlife Sanctuary2004
Barnadi Wildlife Sanctuary1980
Bherjan-Borajan-Padumoni Wildlife Sanctuary1999
Burachapari Wildlife Sanctuary1995
Chakrasila Wildlife Sanctuary1994
Deepor Beel Wildlife Sanctuary1994
Dihing Patkai Wildlife Sanctuary2004
East Karbi Anglong Wildlife Sanctuary2000
Garampani Wildlife Sanctuary1952
Hollongapar Gibbon Wildlife Sanctuary1997
Lawkhowa Wildlife Sanctuary1972
Marat Longri Wildlife Sanctuary2003
Nambor Wildlife Sanctuary2000
Nambor-Doigrung  Wildlife Sanctuary2003
Pabitora Wildlife Sanctuary1987
Pani-Dihing Bird Wildlife Sanctuary1995
Sonai Rupai Wildlife Sanctuary1998
Bihar12Barela Jheel Salim Ali Bird Wildlife Sanctuary1997
Bhimbandh Wildlife Sanctuary1976
Gautam Budha Wildlife Sanctuary1976
Kaimur Wildlife Sanctuary1982
Kanwarjheel Wildlife Sanctuary1989
Kusheshwar Asthan Bird Wildlife Sanctuary1994
Nagi Dam Wildlife Sanctuary1987
Nakti Dam Wildlife Sanctuary1987
Pant (Rajgir) Wildlife Sanctuary1978
Udaipur Wildlife Sanctuary1978
Valmiki Wildlife Sanctuary1978
Vikramshila Gangetic Dolphin Wildlife Sanctuary1990
Chhattisgarh11Achanakmar Wildlife Sanctuary1975
Badalkhol Wildlife Sanctuary1975
Barnawapara Wildlife Sanctuary1976
Bhairamgarh Wildlife Sanctuary1983
Bhoramdev Wildlife Sanctuary2001
Sarangarh – Gomardha Wildlife Sanctuary1975
Pamed Wild Buffalo Wildlife Sanctuary1985
Semarsot Wildlife Sanctuary1978
Sitanadi Wildlife Sanctuary1974
Tamor Pingla Wildlife Sanctuary1978
Udanti Wild Buffalo Wildlife Sanct1985
Chandigarh2City Bird Wildlife Sanctuary1988
Sukhna Lake Wildlife Sanctuary1986
Dadra and Nagar Haveli1Dadra and Nagar Haveli Wildlife Sanctuary2000
Daman and Diu1Fudam Wildlife Sanctuary1991
DELHI1Asola Bhati (Indira Priyadarshini) Wildlife Sanctuary1992
Goa6Bondla Wildlife Sanctuary1969
Dr. Salim Ali Bird (Chorao) Wildlife Sanctuary1988
Cotigaon Wildlife Sanctuary1968
Madei Wildlife Sanctuary1999
Bhagwan Mahavir Wildlife Sanctuary1967
Netravali Wildlife Sanctuary1999
Gujarat23Balaram Ambaji Wildlife Sanctuary1989
Barda Wildlife Sanctuary
Gaga (Great Indian Bustard) Wildlife Sanctuary1988
Gir Wildlife Sanctuary
Girnar Wildlife Sanctuary
Hingolgadh Wildlife Sanctuary
Jambughoda Wildlife Sanctuary1990
Jessore Sloth Bear Wildlife Sanctuary
Kachchh (Lala) Great Indian Bustard Wildlife Sanctuary1995
Kachchh Desert Wildlife Sanctuary1986
Khijadiya Bird Wildlife Sanctuary1981
Marine (Gulf of Kachchh) Wildlife Sanctuary1980
Mitiyala Wildlife Sanctuary2004
Nal Sarovar Bird Wildlife Sanctuary1969
Narayan Sarovar Chinkara Wildlife Sanctuary1995
Paniya Wildlife Sanctuary1989
Porbandar Bird Wildlife Sanctuary1988
Purna Wildlife Sanctuary1990
Rampara Vidi Wildlife Sanctuary1988
Ratanmahal Sloth Bear Wildlife Sanctuary1982
Shoolpaneswar (Dhumkhal) Wildlife Sanctuary1982
Thol Lake Wildlife Sanctuary1988
Wild Ass Wildlife Sanctuary1973
Haryana8Abubshehar Wildlife Sanctuary1987
Bhindawas Lake Wildlife Sanctuary1986
Bir Shikargarh Wildlife Sanctuary1987
Chhilchhila Lake Wildlife Sanctuary1986
Kalesar Wildlife Sanctuary1996
Khaparwas Wildlife Sanctuary1991
Morni Hills (Khol-Hi-Raitan) Wildlife Sanctuary2004
Nahar Wildlife Sanctuary1987
Himachal Pradesh28Bandli Wildlife Sanctuary1962
Chail Wildlife Sanctuary1976
Chandratal Wildlife Sanctuary2007
Churdhar Wildlife Sanctuary1985
Daranghati Wildlife Sanctuary1962
Dhauladhar Wildlife Sanctuary1994
Gamgul Siyabehi Wildlife Sanctuary1962
Kais Wildlife Sanctuary1962
Kalatop-Khajjiar Wildlife Sanctuary1958
Kanawar Wildlife Sanctuary1962
Khokhan Wildlife Sanctuary1962
Kibber Wildlife Sanctuary1992
Kugti Wildlife Sanctuary1962
Lippa Asrang Wildlife Sanctuary1962
Majathal Wildlife Sanctuary1962
Manali Wildlife Sanctuary1962
Nargu Wildlife Sanctuary1962
Pong Dam Lake Wildlife Sanctuary1982
Renuka Wildlife Sanctuary2013
Rupi Bhaba Wildlife Sanctuary1982
Sainj Wildlife Sanctuary1994
Rakchham Chitkul (Sangla Valley) Wildlife Sanctuary1989
Sech Tuan Nala Wildlife Sanctuary1962
Shikari Devi Wildlife Sanctuary1962
Shimla Water Catchment Wildlife Sanctuary1958
Talra Wildlife Sanctuary1962
Tirthan Wildlife Sanctuary1992
Tundah Wildlife Sanctuary1962
Jammu and Kashmir15Baltal-Thajwas Wildlife Sanctuary1987
Changthang Wildlife Sanctuary1987
Gulmarg Wildlife Sanctuary1987
Hirapora Wildlife Sanctuary1987
Hokersar Wildlife Sanctuary1992
Jasrota Wildlife Sanctuary1987
Karakoram (Nubra Shyok) Wildlife Sanctuary1987
Lachipora Wildlife Sanctuary1987
Limber Wildlife Sanctuary1987
Nandni Wildlife Sanctuary1981
Overa-Aru Wildlife Sanctuary1987
Rajparian (Daksum) Wildlife Sanctuary2002
Ramnagar Rakha Wildlife Sanctuary1981
Surinsar Mansar Wildlife Sanctuary1981
Trikuta Wildlife Sanctuary1981
Jharkhand11Parasnath Wildlife Sanctuary 1984
Topchanchi Wildlife Sanctuary1978
Udhwa Lake Bird Wildlife Sanctuary1991
Dalma Wildlife Sanctuary1976
Gautam Budha Wildlife Sanctuary1976
Hazaribagh Wildlife Sanctuary
Kodarma Wildlife Sanctuary
Lawalong Wildlife Sanctuary
Mahuadanr Wolf Wildlife Sanctuary
Palamau Wildlife Sanctuary
Palkot Wildlife Sanctuary
Karnataka 30Adichunchunagiri Peacock Wildlife Sanctuary1981
Arabithittu Wildlife Sanctuary1985
Attiveri Bird Wildlife Sanctuary1994
Bhadra Wildlife Sanctuary1974
Bhimgad Wildlife Sanctuary2010
Biligiri Rangaswamy Temple (B.R.T.) Wildlife Sanctuary1987
Brahmagiri Wildlife Sanctuary1974
Daroji Bear Wildlife Sanctuary1992
Ghataprabha Bird Wildlife Sanctuary1974
Gudavi Bird Wildlife Sanctuary1989
Gudekote Sloth Bear Wildlife Sanctuary2013
Jogimatti Wildlife Sanctuary2015
Malai Mahadeshwara Wildlife Sanctuary2013
Melkote Temple Wildlife Sanctuary1974
Mookambika Wildlife Sanctuary1974
Nugu Wildlife Sanctuary1974
Pushpagiri Wildlife Sanctuary1987
Ranebennur Black Buck Wildlife Sanctuary1974
Ranganathittu Bird Wildlife Sanctuary1940
Ramadevara Betta Vulture Wildlife Sanctuary2012
Rangayyanadurga Four-horned antelope Wildlife Sanctuary2011
Sharavathi Valley Wildlife Sanctuary1974
Shettihalli Wildlife Sanctuary1974
Someshwara Wildlife Sanctuary1974
Talakaveri Wildlife Sanctuary1987
Thimlapura Wildlife Sanctuary2016
Yadahalli Chinkara Wildlife Sanctuary2015
Kerala17Aralam Wildlife Sanctuary1984
Chimmony Wildlife Sanctuary1984
Chinnar Wildlife Sanctuary1984
Chulannur Peafowl Wildlife Sanctuary2007
Idukki Wildlife Sanctuary1976
Kottiyoor Wildlife Sanctuary2011
Kurinjimala Wildlife Sanctuary2006
Malabar Wildlife Sanctuary2010
Mangalavanam Bird Wildlife Sanctuary2004
Neyyar Wildlife Sanctuary1958
Parambikulam Wildlife Sanctuary1973
Peechi-Vazhani Wildlife Sanctuary1958
Peppara Wildlife Sanctuary1983
Periyar Wildlife Sanctuary1950
Shendurney Wildlife Sanctuary1984
Thattekad Bird Wildlife Sanctuary1983
Wayanad Wildlife Sanctuary1973
Lakshadweep1Pitti (Bird Island) Wildlife Sanctuary1995
Madhya Pradesh25Bagdara Wildlife Sanctuary1978
Bori Wildlife Sanctuary1977
Gandhi Sagar Wildlife Sanctuary1981
Ghatigaon Wildlife Sanctuary1981
Karera Wildlife Sanctuary1981
Ken Gharial Wildlife Sanctuary1981
Kheoni Wildlife Sanctuary1982
Narsighgarh Wildlife Sanctuary1978
National Chambal Wildlife Sanctuary1978
Noradehi Wildlife Sanctuary1984
Orcha Wildlife Sanctuary1994
Pachmarhi Wildlife Sanctuary1977
Kuno Wildlife Sanctuary1981
Panna (Gangau) Wildlife Sanctuary1979
Panpatha Wildlife Sanctuary1983
Pench Wildlife Sanctuary1975
Phen Wildlife Sanctuary1983
Ralamandal Wildlife Sanctuary1989
Ratapani Wildlife Sanctuary1978
Sailana Wildlife Sanctuary1983
Sanjay Dubari Wildlife Sanctuary1975
Sardarpur Wildlife Sanctuary1983
Singhori Wildlife Sanctuary1976
Son Gharial Wildlife Sanctuary1981
Veerangna Durgavati Wildlife Sanctuary1997
Maharashtra42Amba Barwa Wildlife Sanctuary1997
Andhari Wildlife Sanctuary1986
Aner Dam Wildlife Sanctuary1986
Bhamragarh Wildlife Sanctuary1997
Bhimashankar Wildlife Sanctuary1985
Bor Wildlife Sanctuary1970
Chaprala Wildlife Sanctuary1986
Deulgaon-Rehekuri Wildlife Sanctuary1980
Dhyanganga Wildlife Sanctuary1997
Gangewadi New Great Indian Bustard Wildlife Sanctuary2015
Gautala-Autramghat Wildlife Sanctuary1986
Great Indian Bustard Wildlife Sanctuary1979
Jaikwadi Wildlife Sanctuary1986
Kalsubai Harishchandragad Wildlife Sanctuary1986
Karnala Fort Wildlife Sanctuary1968
Karanja Sohal Blackbuck Wildlife Sanctuary2000
Katepurna Wildlife Sanctuary1988
Koyana Wildlife Sanctuary1985
Lonar Wildlife Sanctuary2000
Malvan Marine Wildlife Sanctuary1987
Mansingdeo Wildlife Sanctuary2010
Mayureswar Supe Wildlife Sanctuary1997
Melghat Wildlife Sanctuary1985
Nagzira Wildlife Sanctuary1970
Naigaon Peacock Wildlife Sanctuary1994
Nandur Madhameshwar Wildlife Sanctuary1986
Narnala Bird Wildlife Sanctuary1997
Nawegaon Wildlife Sanctuary2012
New Bor Wildlife Sanctuary2012
New Nagzira Wildlife Sanctuary2012
Painganga Wildlife Sanctuary1986
Phansad Wildlife Sanctuary1986
Radhanagari Wildlife Sanctuary1958
Sagareshwar Wildlife Sanctuary1985
Tansa Wildlife Sanctuary1970
Thane Creek Flamingo Wildlife Sanctuary2015
Tipeshwar Wildlife Sanctuary1997
Tungareshwar Wildlife Sanctuary2003
Yawal Wildlife Sanctuary1969
Yedsi Ramlin Ghat Wildlife Sanctuary1997
Umred-Kharngla Wildlife Sanctuary2012
Wan Wildlife Sanctuary1997
Manipur2Yangoupokpi Lokchao Wildlife Sanctuary1989
Khongjaingamba Ching Wildlife Sanctuary2016
Meghalaya4Baghmara Pitcher Plant Wildlife Sanctuary1984
Narpuh Wildlife Sanctuary2015
Nongkhyllem Wildlife Sanctuary1981
Siju Wildlife Sanctuary1979
Mizoram8Dampa Wildlife Sanctuary1985
Khawnglung Wildlife Sanctuary1992
Lengteng Wildlife Sanctuary1999
Ngengpui Wildlife Sanctuary1991
Pualreng Wildlife Sanctuary2004
Tawi Wildlife Sanctuary1978
Thorangtlang Wildlife Sanctuary2002
Tokalo Wildlife Sanctuary2007
Nagaland3Fakim Wildlife Sanctuary1980
Puliebadze Wildlife Sanctuary1980
Rangapahar Wildlife Sanctuary1986
Odisha19Badrama Wildlife Sanctuary
Baisipalli Wildlife Sanctuary
Balukhand Konark Wildlife Sanctuary
Bhitarkanika Wildlife Sanctuary -1975
Chandaka Dampara Wildlife Sanctuary -1982
Chilika (Nalaban) Wildlife Sanctuary -1987
Debrigarh Wildlife Sanctuary 1985
Gahirmatha (Marine) Wildlife Sanctuary -1997
Hadgarh Wildlife Sanctuary -1978
Kapilash Wildlife Sanctuary -1992
Karlapat Wildlife Sanctuary -1992
Khalasuni Wildlife Sanctuary -1982
Kothagarh Wildlife Sanctuary – 1981
Kuldiha Wildlife Sanctuary – 1984
Lakhari Valley Wildlife Sanctuary- 1985
Nandankanan Wildlife Sanctuary- 1979
Satkosia Gorge Wildlife Sanctuary- 1976
Simlipal Wildlife Sanctuary – 1979
Sunabeda Wildlife Sanctuary – 1988
Punjab 13Abohar Wildlife Sanctuary (1988)
Bir Aishvan Wildlife Sanctuary (1952)
Bir Bhadson Wildlife Sanctuary ( 1952)
Bir Bunerheri Wildlife Sanctuary (1952)
Bir Dosanjh Wildlife Sanctuary (1952)
Bir Gurdialpura Wildlife Sanctuary (1977)
Bir Mehaswala Wildlife Sanctuary (1952)
Bir Motibagh Wildlife Sanctuary (1952)
Harike Lake Wildlife Sanctuary (1982)
Jhajjar Bacholi Wildlife Sanctuary (1998)
Kathlaur Kushlian Wildlife Sanctuary (2007)
Takhni-Rehampur Wildlife Sanctuary (1992)
Nangal Wildlife Sanctuary (2009)
Rajasthan 25Bassi Wildlife Sanctuary (1988)
Bhensrodgarh Wildlife Sanctuary (1983)
Darrah Wildlife Sanctuary (1955)
Jaisamand Wildlife Sanctuary (1955)
Jamwa Ramgarh Wildlife Sanctuary (1982)
Jawahar Sagar Wildlife Sanctuary (1975)
Kailadevi Wildlife Sanctuary (1983)
Kesarbagh Wildlife Sanctuary (1955)
Kumbhalgarh Wildlife Sanctuary (1971)
Mount Abu Wildlife Sanctuary (1960)
Nahargarh Wildlife Sanctuary (1980)
National Chambal Wildlife Sanctuary (1979)
Phulwari Ki Nal Wildlife Sanctuary (1983)
Ramgarh Vishdhari Wildlife Sanctuary (1982)
Ramsagar Wildlife Sanctuary (1955)
Sajjangarh Wildlife Sanctuary (1987)
Sariska Wildlife Sanctuary (1955)
Sawaimadhopur Wildlife Sanctuary (1955)
Sawai Man Singh Wildlife Sanctuary (1984)
Shergarh Wildlife Sanctuary (1983)
Sitamata Wildlife Sanctuary (1979)
Tal Chhapar Wildlife Sanctuary (1971)
Todgarh Raoli Wildlife Sanctuary (1983)
Van Vihar Wildlife Sanctuary (1955)
Bandh Baratha Wildlife Sanctuary (1985)
Sikkim7Barsey Rhododendron Wildlife Sanctuary1998
Fambong Lho Wildlife Sanctuary1984
Kitam Bird Wildlife Sanctuary2005
Kyongnosla Alpine Wildlife Sanctuary1977
Maenam Wildlife Sanctuary1987
Pangolakha Wildlife Sanctuary2002
Shingba Rhododendron Wildlife Sanctuary1984
Tamil Nadu29Chitrangudi Bird Wildlife Sanctuary 1989
Gangaikondam Spotted Dear Wildlife Sanctuary 2013
Indira Gandhi (Annamalai) Wildlife Sanctuary 1976
Kalakad Wildlife Sanctuary 1976
Kanjirankulam Bird Wildlife Sanctuary 1989
Kanyakumari Wildlife Sanctuary 2002
Karaivetti Bird Wildlife Sanctuary 1999
Karikilli Birds Wildlife Sanctuary 1989
Kodaikanal Wildlife Sanctuary 2013
Koonthankulam-Kadankulam Wildlife Sanctuary 1994
Megamalai Wildlife Sanctuary 2016
Melaselvanoor-Keelaselvanoor Wildlife Sanctuary 1998
Mudumalai Wildlife Sanctuary 1942
Mundanthurai Wildlife Sanctuary 1977
Nellai Wildlife Sanctuary 2015
Oussudu Lake Bird Sanctuary 2015
Point Calimere Wildlife Sanctuary 1967
Pulicat Lake Bird Wildlife Sanctuary 1980
Sathyamangalam WS 2008, 2011
Srivilliputhur Grizzled Squirrel Wildlife Sanctuary 1988
Theerthangal Bird Sanctuary 2016
Sakkarakottai Bird Sanctuary 2016
Udayamarthandapuram Lake Wildlife Sanctuary 1991
Vaduvoor Birds Wildlife Sanctuary 1991
Vedanthangal Lake Birds Wildlife Sanctuary 1936
Vellanadu Blackbuck Wildlife Sanctuary 1987
Vellode Birds Wildlife Sanctuary 1997
Vettangudi Birds Wildlife Sanctuary 1977

Pranahita Wildlife Sanctuary 1980
Telangana9Nagarjuna Sagar-Srisailam Wildlife Sanctuary 1978
Eturnagaram Wildlife Sanctuary 1953
Kawal Wildlife Sanctuary 1965
Kinnersani Wildlife Sanctuary 1977
Lanja Madugu Siwaram Wildlife Sanctuary 1978
Manjeera Crocodile Wildlife Sanctuary 1978
Pakhal Wildlife Sanctuary 1952
Pocharam Wildlife Sanctuary 1952
Pranahita Wildlife Sanctuary 1980
Tripura4Gumti Wildlife Sanctuary 1988
Rowa Wildlife Sanctuary 1988
Sepahijala Wildlife Sanctuary 1987
Trishna Wildlife Sanctuary 1988
Uttar Pradesh25Bakhira Wildlife Sanctuary 1990
Chandraprabha Wildlife Sanctuary 1957
Dr. Bhimrao Ambedkar Bird Wildlife Sanctuary 2003
Hastinapur Wildlife Sanctuary 1986
Kaimur Wildlife Sanctuary 1982
Katerniaghat Wildlife Sanctuary 1976
Kishanpur Wildlife Sanctuary 1972
Lakh Bahosi Bird Wildlife Sanctuary 1988
Mahavir Swami Wildlife Sanctuary 1977
National Chambal Wildlife Sanctuary 1979
Nawabganj Bird Wildlife Sanctuary 1984
Okhala Bird Wildlife Sanctuary 1990
Parvati Aranga Wildlife Sanctuary 1990
Patna Wildlife Sanctuary 1990
Pilibhit Wildlife Sanctuary 2014
Ranipur Wildlife Sanctuary 1977
Saman Bird Wildlife Sanctuary 1990
Samaspur Bird Wildlife Sanctuary 1987
Sandi Birds Wildlife Sanctuary 1990
Sohagibarwa Wildlife Sanctuary 1987
Sohelwa Wildlife Sanctuary 1988
Sur Sarovar Bird Wildlife Sanctuary 1991
Jai Prakash Narayan (Surhatal) Bird Wildlife Sanctuary 1991
Turtle Wildlife Sanctuary 1989
Vijai Sagar Wildlife Sanctuary 1990
Uttarakhand7Askot Wildlife Sanctuary 1986
Binsar Wildlife Sanctuary 1988
Govind Pashu Vihar Wildlife Sanctuary 1955
Kedarnath Wildlife Sanctuary 1972
Mussoorie Wildlife Sanctuary 1993
Nandhaur Wildlife Sanctuary 2012
Sonanadi Wildlife Sanctuary 1987
West Bengal15Ballavpur Wildlife Sanctuary 1977
Bethuadahari Wildlife Sanctuary 1980
Bibhuti Bhusan Wildlife Sanctuary 1980
Buxa Wildlife Sanctuary 1986
Chapramari Wildlife Sanctuary 1976
Chintamani Kar Bird Wildlife Sanctuary 1982
Haliday Island Wildlife Sanctuary 1976
Jorepokhri Salamander Wildlife Sanctuary 1985
Lothian Island Wildlife Sanctuary 1976
Mahananda Wildlife Sanctuary 1976
Raiganj Wildlife Sanctuary 1985
Ramnabagan Wildlife Sanctuary 1981
Sajnakhali Wildlife Sanctuary 1976
Senchal Wildlife Sanctuary 1976
West Sunderban Wildlife Sanctuary 2013

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How many National Parks are there in India?

There are 106 existing national parks in India covering an area of 44,402.95 km2, which is 1.35% of the geographical area of the country (National Wildlife Database Centre, Nov. 2023)

How many Wildlife Sanctuaries are there in India?

There are 573 existing wildlife sanctuaries in India covering an area of 123,762.56 km2, which is 3.76% of the geographical area of the country (National Wildlife Database Centre, Nov. 2023).

Which is the largest national park in India?

the largest national park in India is Hemis National Park, located in the eastern part of Ladakh in the state of Jammu and Kashmir. It covers an area of about 4,400 square kilometers (1,700 square miles) and is known for its diverse wildlife, including the elusive snow leopard.

Which is the largest Wildlife Sanctuary in India?

The Kutch Desert Wildlife Sanctuary is situated in the Great Rann of Kutch, Kutch district, Gujarat, India. It was declared a sanctuary in February 1986. It is the largest Wildlife Sanctuary in India regarding its size.

Which state has maximum number of national parks?

the state with the maximum number of national parks in India is Madhya Pradesh. It is known for its rich biodiversity and boasts several national parks, including Kanha National Park, Bandhavgarh National Park, Pench National Park, Satpura National Park, and more.

Which state has maximum number of Wildlife Sanctuaries in India?

The union territory of Andaman and Nicobar Island has the maximum number of wildlife sanctuaries. According to National Wildlife Database, Andaman and Nicobar Island has 96 wildlife sanctuaries. 

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