Exercises – Active & passive Voice-Important Exercise for Active & Passive Voice For Class 10 CBSE/ICSE Board

  • Vineeta sings beautiful songs.
  • Riya helps everyone.
  • Pooja was being beaten by her teacher.
  • Lucky is helped by Steve
  • The builder is building the tower.
  • The woodcutter cuts the wood.
  • The man dropped the ashes into the river.
  • The parrot was shot by the naughty boy.
  • By whom was German taught to you?
  • Vipin lost the money.

Active & Passive Voice For Practice

Active and Passive Voice Exercises with Answers PDF
Direction- Change the voice

Please complete the work today.

I received a summons yesterday.

They will laugh at you.

Acive & Passive Voice Rules

Ram is to help his brother.

They are searching for the lost book.

He bought me a bike.

Are you reading the book?

Our task had been completed before sunset

Has anybody answered your question?

Gandhiji started the Quit movement in 1942.

Let us go now.

Obey your parents.

I am watching a movie.

What are you teaching?

You have cleaned all the clothes.

My brother has bought this car.

Somebody has stolen by books.

Today I accomplished my task successfully

The driver had predicted such an accident.

Rajesh was taking care of the old people.

Active and Passive Voice Examples with Answers PDF

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